01. Companies

02. Foundations and Associations

03. Self-employed workers

04. Individuals

Services for Companies

Classic. Clients deliver all relevant documents. AGC then prepares the balance sheets, management control panels and tax and accounting package obligations (VAT, Corporations, informative statements and annual statements).

In-house Implant. Our experts visit our clients’ premises and draft all the accounting there, with their own software (SAP, CONTAPLUS, SAGE, NAVISIÓN, etc). We prepare bespoke reports, and carry out all the necessary tasks for ensuring compliance with all the relevant accounting and tax obligations.


Cloud software solutions. AGC and the client work together on a cloud app where information is reviewed and verified by our experts, who then prepare a bespoke report for the client’s general management.

In-house software. Clients are responsible for preparing their own accounting internally with their own software. AGC provides the necessary training on automated accounting to the administrative staff. The clients’ staff and AGC will share an on-line connection through a common application, and AGC will supervise and extract all the necessary information to complete the accounting and develop the relevant tax management.


On-site telephone and legal assistance. Our experts will visit our clients’ premises on a regular basis, in order to review and advise their accounting departments.

Pre-audit reviews. Our professionals will review the financial statements prior to the auditor’s assessment, and point out the items that may raise some controversy.

Review prior to the presentation of documents for arrangements with creditors. Preparation of the financial report, asset and rights inventories, and lists of creditors, in accordance with the existing bankruptcy law.


Preparation of annual statements.

Economic and accounting expert reports.

Financial and economic advice.

Company valuations.


Tax advice and management of tax obligations. Clients send the relevant information so that we can process and supervise their tax obligations.

Assistance and representation before the Tax Inspectorate. We have over 30 years of proven experience in representing entities and individuals in the defence of their interests before inspection bodies.

Airline companies. We gather the company’s information, transform accounting information into tax obligations and prepare tax settlements accordingly.

Expatriates and impatriates We offer personalized tax treatment for expatriates and impatriates. Mobility policies, expatriation, and immigration. Analysis and application of tax benefits on the Personal Income Tax (IRPF), the Income Tax for non-residents, and double taxation.

Transfer pricing. We prepare all the documents for corporate tax operations (MASTER FILE + LOCAL FILE).

Services for Foundations and Associations

Establishment of foundations, preparation of the articles of association and register. Changes in the Board of Trustees.

Preparation of all the documents related to the specific formal obligations of Foundations.

Accounting services in accordance with the Spanish National Chart of Accounts for non-profit entities.

Preparation of annual reports, financial reports and action plans.

Permanent legal counselling for the Board of Trustees on decision-making processes.

Maintenance of Minutes books and assistance to the secretary.

Services for self-employed workers.

Preparation of tax obligations for entrepreneurs and professionals under the simplified direct estimation scheme. Ledgers for sales, purchases, and investment assets.

Experts on the SAGE ONE © application. This application allows controlling the business and generating invoices. We import the information from the application to draft tax registers and quarterly settlements.

Pharmacies. We are experts on pharmacy management. We import the information from the software used by the pharmacist, fill in all the registers and tax declarations, and send a weekly management control panel on the pharmacy’s evolution to the pharmacist.

Services for individuals

Submission of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Property Tax. Annual tax planning.

Advice for non-residents.

Real estate administration and management. Accounting and tax obligations, legal advice, preparation of lease agreements and collection management. Property tax planning.

Inheritance and donations tax planning. Inheritance tax management, partition papers, submission of the tax on inheritance and donations. Submission of the Capital Gains Tax on the increase on value of urban lands.

01. Comprehensive Labor Management (CLM)

02. CLM + Employees’ portal

03. Shared payrolls

04. Legal and Labor Advice

05. Special services

Comprehensive Labor Management (CLM)

Payroll management. Clients send monthly information and issues, and AGC prepares both the payrolls and the related obligations thereof (Social Security, IRPF, etc.). Daily, continued, expert and immediate advice to the Management Office and the HR Department.

CLM + Employees’ portal

Access to our Employees’ portal: management and communication web solutions designed for the work environment, through which our clients’ employees may consult all the information regarding their work relationship. HR management tool for managers, with several access levels.

Shared payrolls

CLOUD Applications. Both AGC and its clients work together on an app designed to meet their needs, which allows them to access the information they need on a real-time basis. Legal obligations are completed by our experts, who then produce bespoke reports.

In-house applications. Clients keep their information on their own software (CONTAPLUS, SAGE MURANO, a3ASESOR Nom), and our experts undertake payroll, social security and legal obligations management.

Legal and Labor Advice

Advice on all matters regarding Labor and Social Security Law: work contracts, sanctions and dismissals, collective disputes, collective bargaining negotiations, collective dismissals, etc.

Legal assistance and representation in negotiations with lawyers or union representatives for workers

Legal assistance and representation in legal proceedings before the Courts.

Legal assistance and representation before the Social Security, Labor Inspectorates, and other Public Administration bodies.

Special services

Advice for the implementation of systems for the prevention of occupational risks.

Management of UCAGECI (“El Corte Inglés” B2B Portal) and other corporate activity coordination systems.

01. Corporations


Corporate Advice. Incorporation of companies and changes in the articles of association.

Corporate Secretarial Services. Legal Assistance by the Secretariat for Administrative Boards.

Corporate and deeds agency.

Settlement and Registry of Deeds.

Writing off of debts at the Land Register.

Legalization and authentication of documents.

Requests for Internet domains.

Publications on Official Gazettes: BOE, BORME DOCE, Provincial official gazettes.

Requests for trade names and brands before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

Presentation of annual accounts before the Business Register.

Company domiciliation. Correspondence reception and management.